For Credentialers

About ABAI Certification

Candidates who successfully complete either the Certification examination or MOC process receive a 10-year time-limited certificate, subject to revocation by the ABAI for any cause. Names of ABAI diplomates are public information which is published by ABMS.

Beginning in 1989, new ABAI Diplomates receive certificates valid for ten years. Time-unlimited certificates were issued prior to 1989. As of 2009, ABAI transitioned from recertification to a continuous Maintenance of Certification program in accordance with ABMS MOC® guidelines.

Order Certificates

Upon successful completion of either the ABAI Certification Secure Examination or the complete ABAI MOC program, diplomates are awarded a certificate to demonstrate ABAI certification. The fee is waived for the initial certificate after passing the secure examination.

Verification of Certification

Verification of certification is available both in hard copy and electronically. Individuals are considered: Not Certified, or Certified and either Meeting or Not Meeting MOC Requirements.

Suspension or Revocation of Certificates

According to ABAI policy, all ABAI certificates are subject to suspension or revocation based on a decision by the ABAI Ethics and Professionalism Committee.

Appeals Process and Reinstatement of Certificates

Should a certificate be revoked or suspended, the ABAI affords the Diplomate an appeals process for review of that decision upon submission of a written request with supporting documentation to the ABAI Ethics and Professionalism Committee.