Maintain Certification

Reciprocal MOC Credit


Diplomates certified with The American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) **(see below) or The American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) may receive reciprocal Part II and Part IV Maintenance of Certification (MOC) credit for participation in ABIM's or ABP's MOC program. This means to participate in The American Board of Allergy & Immunology (ABAI) MOC program, you will only need to complete Part I (Professional Standing) and Part III (Cognitive Expertise). Additionally, you will be required to complete an attestation form regarding participation in your primary Board's MOC program. Once you choose to participate reciprocally in the ABIM or ABP MOC program, you will be expected to complete the entire MOC program and will not be able to switch back to the ABAI MOC program.

Please note, due to the time necessary to review requests, Reciprocal MOC requests must be received by November 1st in order to be processed by year end. Requests received after the November 1st deadline may not be processed by the end of the year and diplomates will be responsible for all MOC requirements due by year end.

**Due to the changes in ABIM’s MOC program, effective May 16, 2016 ABAI has placed reciprocal MOC credit for ABIM diplomates on hold until further notice.

Recipricol Credit FAQ