Maintain Certification

MOC Part III: Cognitive Expertise

Continuous Assessment Program (CAP) Policy

The Continuous Assessment Program (CAP) was implemented January 1, 2018 formally replacing the legacy high stakes every 10 year recertification examination for all ABAI diplomates. The program promotes a continuous process for lifelong learning and self-assessment to keep skills clinically relevant, and knowledge current in a rapidly changing practice environment. Diplomates will demonstrate that they have the fundamental, practice/environment-related knowledge to provide quality care in their specialty.

The CAP is a clinically focused program with two 5-year cycles consisting of blocks of core and recent article based questions over a five month period. Beginning in 2020, block one each year opens February 15th and closes July 15th, and block two each year opens August 15th and closes January 15th. The program is “open book” and diplomates can work at their own pace. Diplomates will choose 10 articles, and answer three questions per article (total of 30 questions). In addition to the article based questions, diplomates will answer 10 core/general knowledge questions (total of 40 questions per block). They will have 10 minutes to complete each question and will receive feedback upon completing the questions for the article. A rationale will be given upon completion of each core/general question.

The articles can be printed or downloaded for review, and can be answered independently. Diplomate’s feedback on relevance to their practice and confidence in answering each question is required. This feedback will be used to help guide program improvement, article selection and relevance to the specialty. Diplomates are eligible to receive 6 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)TM upon completion of each block subject to requirements of the continuing medical education (CME) providers, the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology and American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.

An average score of 80% must be attained to pass each 5-year-cycle (320 questions over a 5-year period from the top 8 blocks). Failure to participate in a 5-month block will result in a score of 0 correct out of 40 for that block. The two lowest scoring or two missed blocks (allowance for major life events, professional commitments, etc.) within the 5-year summative cycle will be dropped and the percent correct will be calculated by dividing the number answered correctly from the top 8 scoring blocks by 320 total questions in the top 8 blocks. It is important to note that individual blocks are not pass-fail, and that diplomates scoring below 80% on any given block have the opportunity to improve their average score in future blocks and that up to 2 blocks will dropped each 5 year cycle. Thus it is important for diplomates to complete each block even if questions are answered incorrectly early in the completion of a given block.

Diplomates failing to score 80% or higher at the end of their 5-year cycle or those not participating in the CAP will be subject to a re-entry pathway to regain their diplomate status by taking the Continuous Qualification Exam (CQE) re-entry exam. Although failure to achieve the 80% at the end of a 5 year cycle threshold will not result in immediate withdrawal of ABAI certification, diplomates with time limited certificates will not be recertified until all components of re-entry are completed.