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The ABAI offers the Certification Examination once every year. The dates and locations of examinations are determined by the ABAI and announced in the appropriate specialty journals, in the ABAI newsletters, and on the ABAI website.

 Certification Examination
Time7hrs (2 sessions)
LocationPearson Vue Test Center
Passing Scoreabsolute minimum
Basic Science*25%
Clinical Science*75%

*Percentages are approximations.

The examinations include items listed in the examination blueprint as determined by the ABAI Board of Directors as well as current ACGME Program Requirements for Residency Education in Allergy and Immunology.


The one-best answer multiple-choice items are objective and designed to test the individual's knowledge through recall, interpretation, problem solving, and clinical judgment. Examinations may contain both previously used and new questions.

    Test Centers

    The Certification examination is administered annually by computer in proctored test centers throughout the country. It is the responsibility of the candidate to register with the test center. Detailed instructions will be sent out upon receipt of all required application materials. More information on the test centers can be found here. Please note that the test centers administer many examinations besides the ABAI secure examinations. ABAI does not have control over the availabiliy of test sites and dates and therefore, does not guarantee that you will be able to test on your preferred date or at your preferred test site. Candidates must also read and abide by all rules as outlined by the test centers.


    The Conjoint Standards Committee, with representation from the ABAI, the ABIM, and the ABP, recommends the passing grade for the Certification and MOC Examinations to the Board for its determination. Since 2003, ABAI sets a criterion- reference standard prior to the examination, which verifies a candidate's ability level (score) relative to the performance on the content of the examination. The passing score is computed from an estimate of the probability of an average candidate answering each item correctly. Theoretically, all candidates can pass or fail the examination. The validity of the individual's performance on the examination is secured by every means available.


    Diplomates who wish for their exam to be rescored must submit a written request via certified mail to ABAI within 30 days of the date on the results letter. A non-refundable fee must accompany the request.


    Diplomates who are unsuccessful on the CQE examination may re-apply for subsequent scheduled examinations. There is no restriction on the number of opportunities for re-examination but there is a limit on Board Eligibility for the initial certification examination.

    Board Review Courses

    The ABAI does not sponsor or maintain any records on any courses, which claim to be review courses in preparation for its examinations, nor does it offer or endorse any specific publications or courses to prepare for its examinations. The ABAI publishes examination blueprint for the Certification and CQE examinations.

    Disability Accommodations

    Individuals requiring special accommodations during the examinations must provide written documentation by their specialist to the ABAI at the time of application for examination in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Contact ABAI for further information.

    ABAI Lactation Policy

    The American Board of Allergy and Immunology supports the mother’s need to breastfeed her child. In support of our diplomates, the ABAI in conjunction with Pearson VUE will accommodate ABAI request for accommodations for lactating mothers. Pearson VUE has specific designated centers that are able to offer such accommodations, and these locations fill up on a first come first served basis.

    Accommodations Offered:
    • 60 minutes of additional break time will be provided to mothers
    • A private space with an electrical outlet, for lactating purposes

    Irregular Behavior

    All Board examinations are supervised by proctors, who are required to report any irregular behavior, which includes, but is not limited to, giving or obtaining unauthorized information or aid before, during, or after the examination as evidenced by observation or subsequent statistical analysis of answer sheets. Offering financial or other benefit to a proctor, employee, or agent of the ABAI is forbidden. Please review the candidate rules agreement for more details.