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Examination Blueprint

ABAI's Examination Blueprint illustrates the expected coverage of topics appearing on the annual Certification and Maintenance of Certification examinations. The percentages (shown below) are to be used as a guideline and are not a definitive representation of examination content. These percentages are regularly monitored by the ABAI Board of Directors with the intent that the examination content will reflect the breadth of medical knowledge essential for competence in allergy and immunology.


Item Classification List % Coverage
I. Basic Science 35%
A. Immune mechanisms 15%
B. Cells Involved in Immune Responses
(Differentiation, Origin, Reception, Interactions, Secretions)
C. Anatomy / Physiology / Pathology 7%
D. Research Principles 3%
II. Clinical Science 65%
A. Hypersensitivity Disorders 31%
B. Immunological Disorders 12%
C. Non-Disease Specific Pharmacology / Therapeutics 10%
D. Specific Diagnostic Modalities 7%
E. Allergens / Antigens 5%

Continuous Assessment Program (CAP) Pilot Qualification Exam

Item Classification List % Coverage
II. Clinical Science 100%
A. Hypersensitivity Disorders 45%
B. Immunological Disorders 20%
C. Non-Disease Specific Pharmacology / Therapeutics 20%
D. Specific Diagnostic Modalities 10%
E. Allergens / Antigens 5%

Updated: April 2015