Become Certified

About Certification


The purpose of certification by the ABAI is to provide assurance to the public and the medical profession that a certified allergist/immunologist has successfully completed an accredited educational program and an evaluation process, including a secure, proctored examination. ABAI certification also assures that the physician possesses the knowledge, skills, and experience requisite to the provision of high-quality patient care in allergy and immunology. The ABAI believes that all allergists/immunologists should have a fundamental knowledge of the biological science basic to this discipline, and that ABAI is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of the standards of knowledge required for certification.

The ABAI serves candidates who have embarked on a graduate program of study with the specific purpose of excelling in the practice of the subspecialty of allergy/immunology.

Board Eligibility

Trainees must achieve ABAI Board certification within five years after successfully completing an ACGME-approved fellowship training program in Allergy and Immunology, which typically takes 2-3 years. If the trainee does not accomplish this certification, they will lose their status as Board Eligible and they will be required to successfully complete, in its entirety, a re-entry pathway consisting of the following:

  1. An ABAI-approved Communications Module
  2. An ABAI-approved Patient Safety Module
  3. The Allergy and Immunology In-Training Examination
  4. Evidence of 50 Allergy/Immunology-specific CME credits per year

*Note: Participation in an AAAAI/ACAAI-sponsored Allergy and Immunology Board review course is strongly recommended.

Once Board Eligibility has been re-established, the candidate has 3 years to successfully pass the ABAI Certification Examination.

Dual Certification

Formal special pathways exist for individuals wishing to qualify for dual certification in allergy/immunology and:

  • Pediatric Pulmonology
  • Adult Rheumatology
  • Pediatric Rheumatology

Individuals pursuing dual certification must complete all requirements for both boards before sitting for either examination. Additional information regarding special pathways is available upon request to the ABAI.