Maintain Certification

About Maintenance of Certification (MOC)

What is Maintenance of Certification?

Regulatory agencies, health maintenance organizations, and the community require reassurance and documentation of continual professional development and education by physicians. MOC is a professional response to the need for public accountability and transparency, assessing physicians using the Six Core Competencies as defined by ABMS.

The ABMS MOC® program addresses the needs of both physicians and patients. The program offers physicians a process to keep skills and knowledge current in a changing field where vigilance is key to practicing state-of-the-art specialty medical care. It also responds to increasingly selective healthcare consumers who are taking on a more proactive role in who provides their care and how. MOC offers evidence of highly qualified physicians who use best practices and evidence-based standards for care.

Maintaining a certificate is a voluntary expression of professional accountability and all Diplomates, especially those involved in training programs, are strongly encouraged to recertify at a minimum of every ten years. MOC is a voluntary process for time-unlimited certificate holders. Please review the components for complete details.