Maintain Certification

CAP Re-Entry Pathway

The Continuous Assessment Program (CAP) is an "open book" exam that promotes a continuous process for lifelong learning and self-assessment to keep skills clinically relevant, and knowledge current in a rapidly changing practice environment.

Diplomates are expected to achieve an average score of 80% to pass each CAP 5 -year cycle (320 questions over a 5-year period from the top 8 blocks). The two blocks with the lowest scores (including up to two missed blocks allowance for major life events, professional commitments, etc.) within the 5-year summative cycle will be dropped.

Diplomates who are unsuccessful in achieving 80% correct, diplomates not participating in CAP and/or diplomates with an expired certificate will be listed as “Not Meeting MOC Requirements” and will be subject to the re-entry pathway. In order to regain the status of “Meeting MOC Requirements” and access to CAP for credit, diplomates must successfully complete the re-entry Continuous Qualification Exam (CQE) and be current with MOC requirements; Parts I, II and IV of the MOC program. Diplomates will not be permitted to participate in CAP for credit or receive a new certificate if all MOC components are not completed.

Successful diplomates of the re-entry pathway will begin CAP the block following completion.