For certification in Allergy/Immunology, ABAI has identified a limited number of procedures in which it expects all candidates to demonstrate competency with respect to knowledge and understanding. This includes:

  • Demonstration of procedural knowledge competency sufficient to explain indications, contraindications, patient preparation, proper technique and test results
  • Ability to recognize and manage any complications related to that procedure
  • The ABAI recognizes that there is variability in the types and numbers of procedures performed by physicians practicing in the field of allergy and immunology. To help the candidate acquire the specific knowledge & performance competencies, the ABAI believes that residents should be active participants in performing procedures. Active participation is defined as either serving as the primary operator or assisting another primary operator. The ABAI encourages program directors to provide the allergy/immunology fellow-in-training with sufficient opportunity to be observed as an active participant in the performance of required procedures. The ABAI encourages the use of procedural training through the use of workshops or simulations.

    At the completion of the training program, the program director must attest to each resident's knowledge competency for the procedures listed below. The ABAI does not specify a minimum number of procedures to demonstrate competency; however, to assure that the resident has demonstrated sufficient knowledge and understanding of the common procedures, he/she should be an active participant in each knowledge/procedural competency five or more times. It is the responsibility of the program director to determine if the resident has met the procedural competencies, some of which may involve hands on training.

    This form is displayed for reference only. Please submit all training documents via the new ABAI Web Portal. Program Directors have an account set up for them and must verify their account to set a password. Contact the ABAI office with questions.

    First Name
    Middle Name
    Last Name
    Email Address

    Months of Training

    Program Information
    Name of ACGME
    Training Program
    Program Director
    (Full Name)
    Program Director Email

    Directions to the Program Director:
    Please insert the achievement date of competency for each skill assessed. Submit an electronic copy to the ABAI and retain a hard copy for your records. Both you and the resident must sign the hard copy for the ACGME


    (all procedures must be completed)

      Procedure Name Date
    Immediate hypersensitivity skin testing
    Allergen immunotherapy
    Drug hypersensitivity diagnosis and treatment
    Food hypersensitivity diagnosis and treatment
    Immunoglobulin treatment and other immunomodulator therapies
    Contact/delayed type hypersensitivity testing
    Pulmonary function testing


    Resident's Full Name:

    Resident's Signature:
    Program Director/Supervisor (Full Name):

    Program Director/Supervisor (Signature):
    I have assessed the competency of the above-named resident in each of the procedures listed and verify that the resident is skilled to perform these procedures. (Supporting information is on file).