About the Board

ABAI Board of Directors


The Board of Directors consists of an equal number of ABAI-certified internists and ABAI-certified pediatricians, who are nominated by the sponsoring societies, and the ABAI itself, for six-year terms. Directors serving as representatives to either ABIM or ABP continue on the ABAI through that term.

Executive Committee

Kathleen R. May, MD, Chair Augusta, GA
Theodore M. Freeman, MD, Vice Chair San Antonio, TX
Leonard Bacharier, MD, Vice Chair Elect St. Louis, MO
Chitra Dinakar, MD, Secretary Palo Alto, CA
Lawrence Borish, MD, Treasurer Charlottesville, VA

Board of Directors

(expiration of term in parentheses)

Leonard Bacharier, MD
St. Louis, MO (2016-2021)

Lawrence Borish, MD
Charlottesville, VA (2014-2019)

Mariana C. Castells, MD
Boston, MA (2018-2023)

Chitra Dinakar, MD
Palo Alto, CA (2016-2021)

Luz Fonacier, MD
Great Neck, NY (2016-2021)

Theodore M. Freeman, MD
San Antonio, TX (2015-2020)

Ramsay Fuleihan, MD
Chicago, IL (2017-2022)

Mitchell Grayson, MD
Colombus, OH (2017-2022)

Corinne A. Keet, MD
Baltimore, MD (2018-2023)

Aidan A. Long, MD
Boston, MA (2018-2023)

Kathleen R. May, MD
Augusta, GA (2015-2020)

Anna Nowak-Wegrzyn, MD
New York, NY (2017-2022)

Wanda Phipatanakul, MD
Boston, MA (2018-2023)

Jay Portnoy, MD
Kansas City, MO (2014-2019)

Sarbjit S. Saini, MD
Baltimore, MD (2018-2022)

Michael Swarzman, MBA
Chicago, IL (2016-2018)

Stephen A. Tilles, MD
Seattle, WA (2016-2021)