About the Board

ABAI Conflict of Interest Policy

ABAI Directors

ABAI Directors must be cognizant of conflict of interest, real or imagined, in pursuing educational activities that might relate to their knowledge of test questions. To avoid such conflict of interest ABAI Directors should not participate in:

  • postgraduate Board Review Courses or other medical educational activities specifically designed as preparation for the ABAI-ABIM-ABP certification or the ABAI-ABIM-ABP maintenance of certification examination process.
  • the preparation of publications, audiovisual materials, training examination or computer-based programs specifically written and/or devised as preparation for the ABAI-ABIM-ABP certification or maintenance of certification examination process.
  • the preparation of self-assessment programs or formal in-training examinations in allergy/immunology

Non-ABAI Directors

Non-ABAI Directors, who have been empowered to write ABAI Board test questions, may participate in Board Review Courses, self-assessment programs, or formal in-training examinations provided they:

  • exercise a high degree of professionalism in not duplicating ABAI questions on other examinations
  • write or review no more than 3% of the test questions in any ABAI examination
  • have no access to the entire examination

ABAI Directors and Test Question Writers

ABAI Directors, as well as individuals empowered to write ABAI test questions, are advised to be sensitive to the fact that their participation in any educational program could be perceived as providing an unfair advantage to that program's participants. Thus, while everyone can and should continue their regular educational activities, such activities must never be designated as Board review activities.

This policy ceases to apply to ABAI Directors upon the conclusion of their term of office. Nevertheless, it is expected that they will remain sensitive to conflict of interest concerns for two years following their term of office.

Any questions regarding this policy must be brought to the attention of the ABAI in a timely fashion and then resolved by discussion and majority vote of the ABAI Directors.

Approved 6/8/91