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ABAI Expenses

The American Board of Allergy and Immunology (ABAI) is a 501 C 6 nonprofit organization. ABAI financial support comes primarily from Certification Examination fees and annual MOC fees. ABAI staff works diligently to curtail expenses. Even though the Consumer Price Index (CPI) increased by eight percent (8%) since 2015, the ABAI has realized a seven percent (7%) decrease in administration costs even though costs of items such as rent, professional services, insurance and meeting expenses have continued to rise. ABAI was able to develop and maintain the MOC Continuous Assessment Program (CAP) without an increase in cost to diplomates amortized over a ten-year period. The proportions of income and expenses for initial certification and MOC have remained stable for more than nine (9) years. The categories of the expense pie chart are described below:

  • Operations / General Expenses – general operating expenses, benefits and related expenses, rent, insurance, professional services (legal, accounting, etc.), governance personnel
  • Initial Certification Program - meetings, secure item bank administration, psychometrics, Computer Based testing (CBT) exam costs, ABMS per capita expenses, certificate printing, computer consulting, certification program personnel
  • Continuing Certification / MOC Program - meetings, secure item bank administration, psychometrics, self-assessment activity development and maintenance, computer consulting, website development and maintenance, certificate printing, MOC program personnel

This information reflects reductions in fees to diplomates and the development of MOC Continuous Assessment Program (CAP) start-up fees. The Board does not envision this being a long term issue.

All ABAI Directors serve the Board on a voluntary basis with no direct compensation for their time other than a small honorarium and reimbursement of travel expenses for Board meetings.

ABAI 2019 Budgeted Revenue
Certification Fees 452,350
MOC Fees 1,354,199
Other 129,214
Total Income 1,935,763
ABAI 2019 Budgeted Expenses
Operations / General Expenses 188,508
Initial Certification Program 771,890
Continuing Certification / MOC Program 1,023,896
Total Expenses 1,984,294